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Paramount Healthcare Management has tie-ups with virtually all Health Insurance players in the Indian market wherein we provide Beneficiary Enrollment, Pre-authorization, Claim Processing, Medical Management and Underwriting Services. Few of our Insurance partners have outsourced their entire Claims & Medical Management functions related to Health Products to us for management.

Our core Strengths are as follows:
  • Service base of over 52 million lives under management and growing
  • Domain Expertise in Insurance, Claims Management and Medical Underwriting
  • Service expertise in running large call centric operations on state-of-the-art Call Center Solution
  • Large pool of experienced manpower - 2600 professionals including Doctors, Insurance Experts, Claim Managers
  • Robust connectivity, which includes huge redundant Internet Bandwidth, Leased Lines and IPLCs
Key service offerings are given as under:

End-to-end Claim Processing:
Our comprehensive set of Claims Processing services manages all the facets of a health insurance claim. We ensure superior, faultless and low-cost output for our client’s claims, while utilizing our personalized, audit-quality process documents for regulatory compliance initiatives and training purposes. Our services include:
  • Real Time Claims Processing
  • Calculation and Processing of payments to providers in case of direct billing
  • Calculation and Processing of payments to clients in case of reimbursement cases
  • Data Entry Services
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Data Cleansing
  • Periodical reconciliation of payment with the client’s system and federal bodies
Contact Center Services:
Our contact center solutions are a potent mix of business and customer support functions as well as services for global contact center operations. Our agents go beyond simply responding to thousands of customer interactions in relation to claim support. Our services include:
  • Enrollment Calls for New Members
  • Outbound Verification Calls
  • Resolution of Complaints
  • Grievances and Appeals
  • Answering Queries, raised by Members, including: Eligibility, Coverage of Benefits Determination, Member Communication, Plan Comparison, Claims Status, Premium Billing etc
Beneficiary Enrollment Services:
We have the manpower, expertise and technology to process a huge volume of enrollments, each day and update member’s profiles, while offering outstanding speed and reach to our clients.
  • Enrollment Data Collections
  • Enrollment Validations
  • Eligibility Confirmations
  • Updating Member Databases
  • Processing and maintaining Ad-Hoc Requests from Members
  • Member Correspondences
  • Enrollment Reconciliations
Business Analytics:
Paramount synchronizes claims data from various discrete sources and reports consistent and coherent information. Our qualified analysts help address frauds and errors in claims. We ensure an unfaltering commitment to compliance, audit initiatives and implement the highest standards of care in terms of client confidentiality. Our services related to Enterprise Business Analytics:
  • Claims Analytics
  • Report Design & Development
  • Operations Support Reporting
  • Management Reporting
Software Development Services:
Our competent Healthcare IT professionals provide clients with an exhaustive range of solutions, allowing maximum cost-containment and addressing their business challenges. Our spectrum of software services includes
  • Business Analysis and System Design
  • Application Software Development
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Managing Updates and Patches
Language Interpretational Services: Our professional telephonic interpreters seamlessly bridge the communication gap between clients and their customers, who are limited English speakers, increasing the convenience of both. In this age of globalization, knowledge is interchanged and relationships are forged across linguistic borders.

Connect with us on our helpline or drop us an email for more information.