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   Pre-departure Assistance Services

Travelers and expats can access a pool of location-specific information to help prepare and make informed decisions on their health and safety. Knowing that trustworthy assistance services are accessible when needed provides travelers and expats the peace of mind needed to operate away from home. Information is available for hundreds of destinations, countries and cities worldwide. Travelers can seek assistance on the following:

Pre-departure Assistance Services:
  • Information on forex & banking procedures
  • Hotel accommodation
  • In-city transfers
  • Inoculation services
  • Destination specific VISA requirements
  • Destination specific weather information

We also offer administrative support for medical bill settlement through insurance provider. We arrange for the right care at the right time - from evacuating a member to a world leading medical center to more customized care like getting the second medical opinion from a center of medical excellence. We ensure your well-being in the long-term by capitalizing on the new technologies to offer you personalized services with high added value. Kindly email us at travelhealth@paramount.healthcare or call us on our helpline for more information.