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   Travel Assistance Services

  Arranging an Emergency Cash Advance:
Assistance and will handle liaisons with banks to arrange a cash advance (s) to the Insured Person, subject to suitable guarantees.
  Arranging for Replacement of Lost Passports:
Assistance in contacting with consular authorities in case of the loss or theft of an Insured Person's passport, and arranging its replacement.
  Arranging for Replacement of Lost Travel Documents:
Assistance in replacing travel documents or tickets in the event of a theft or loss or emergency.
  Car Rental:
Arrangement of a rented car in the event of an emergency. Payment is for the account of the Insured Person.
  Claims Assistance:
Details to an Insured Person on how to correctly file a claim to the Company.
  Embassy Referral:
The address, contact numbers, and office hours for appropriate embassies and consulates in an emergency.
  Emergency Travel Services:
Assistance in new travel arrangements and reservations in the event of pre-departure cancellation or interruption, curtailment or delay during the trip, or following a Hospital stay of the Insured Person.
  Interpreter Referral:
The name, address, contact numbers and office hours for interpreters world-wide.
  Legal Referral:
The name, address, contact numbers, and office hours of lawyers or legal practitioners where and when necessary.
  Lost Luggage Assistance:
Assistance for an Insured Person who has lost his or her luggage while travelling by contacting the appropriate authorities involved and advising the Insured Person who they should contact to recover their lost luggage.
  Lost Travel Documents / Credit Card Assistance:
Directions on reporting the loss and requesting replacement in the event an Insured Person loses a travel document or credit card whilst abroad.
  Restaurant Referral:
A referral to restaurants in major foreign cities.