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What is travel insurance?
Travel insurance is a financial cover against common problems that might affect your trip by providing financial coverage.

Why do I need travel insurance?
International travel involves risks that may affect the trip, be it leisure or business. It is highly prone to loss by theft, flight delays, baggage loss, medical emergencies, terrorist attacks etc. Travel insurance covers such risks thereby offering secure international travel.

Is it mandatory to buy travel insurance if I am travelling abroad?
Travel insurance is not mandatory for travelling to India but it is compulsory to get travel insurance in many countries including most European countries. Even though it might not be mandatory to have travel insurance, it is better to have one for any expensive trips to cover any mishaps. For many countries it is the basic requirement to obtain the visa.

Do I need to take travel insurance for every different country that I might be visiting? No, Travel insurance is available for set of countries or zones. You can decide on the zone most suitable to you. You do not need separate policy for every single country that you may visit.

When does the cover begin?
Cover begins on the date as specified in the policy, usually same as the date of commencement of the trip or the time you board your flight whichever is later.

Till when is a travel insurance valid?
Travel insurance is valid till the date mentioned in your policy or the time you land in home country, whichever is earlier.

Do I get reimbursement if my trip is cancelled?
If the trip is cancelled due to flight cancellation or a natural calamity and un-availability of alternate transport, you are eligible for reimbursement. Trip cancelled by you for some personal reason is not covered.

Do I need to carry the policy when I am travelling?
It is better to carry the policy along as you may need the details in case of emergency. You must carry the policy number and the international helpline number all the time even if you are not carrying the policy.

Are all medical conditions covered under travel insurance?
Only emergency medical conditions and injury are covered under travel insurance. It covers illness or injury that you may get during the span of the travel.

What is cashless facility?
Cashless facility can be availed in case of a medical emergency while travelling. You only need to pay the deductible or the excess and the rest is settled by the travel insurance company directly with the hospital.

Do I get cashless hospitalization in travel insurance?
Yes, you get cashless hospitalization facility in case of an emergency. You need to contact your assigned TPA within the stipulated time.

What is a TPA? What services does it provide?
TPA is the Third Party Administrator and is the one that facilitates cashless hospitalization, emergency evacuations, and other similar services.

What is Medical Tourism?
Medical Tourism can be described as a combination of travel to a foreign country to receive affordable medical care with no waiting time while taking benefits of exotic tourism opportunities with 5 star accommodation & recuperation facilities.

Who should be interested in Medical Tourism?
Medical tourism is broadly categorized into four categories: For Un-insured: Medical expenses can be a financial nightmare for the un-insured population. According to a Harvard Study, half of personal bankruptcies are caused out of Medical Expenses. Therefore Medical Tourism is an increasingly popular solution for the un-insured population.

For Under-insured:
More often people are not insured up to an optimal level of insurance cover in accordance to the health status. As insurers reduce their coverage & insurance costs skyrocket, more & more individuals find themselves under-insured. Increasing number of non-medical expenses, wait lists & limited availability of expert physicians compel patients to seek alternative treatments.

For Elective Surgeries: A large number of medical tourists seek out elective medical procedures such as dental, wellness, cosmetic & other aesthetic procedures which are not covered by contemporary insurance plans.

In certain cases even the insured people find the cost of medical treatments & out of pocket costs significantly high. Wait time involved for surgeries is higher as compared to popular medical tourism destinations. Under such circumstances medical tourism is the only viable option.

Why should I consider India for Medical Tourism?
India has been steadily gaining its ground as the preferred location for medical tourism. India not only provides affordable medical treatment but also provides quality medical services and world-class infrastructure that are at par with advanced countries. There are significant cost differences with no wait time for any critical medical treatment, unlike UK or US.

Is Medical Tourism safe?
The concept of traveling to a foreign country to receive medical treatment may seem overwhelming, but when the journey is arranged through a respected & trustworthy expert with established relationships with the most respected medical facilities in the world, it is as safe as seeking treatment in the US or UK. Our workforce has innumerable years of service experience, coupled with knowledge of both the medical and travel industry. We ensure that all of our clients are comfortable and educated about the process before, and during, their travel.

Are the physicians and hospitals of good quality?
All of our procedures are performed by highly-qualified surgeons at the most advanced medical centers. Prior to incorporating each hospital and hotel into our elite network of affiliates, we personally inspect each location in order to ensure that it meets our service standards and quality assurance tests.

What kind of savings do you offer in medical tourism?
Our services aren't just about savings. It is important to understand that low prices do not affect the quality of care available through our select partners. The treatment costs are significantly lower as compared to other advanced economies viz., US or UK or for that matter UAE. Our network hospitals and hotels abroad can often mean increased savings above and beyond the price a foreign hospital might charge a person going directly to the hotel without our medical tourism services.

What all medical procedures are covered in Medical tourism?
We offer entire range of Surgical Procedures broadly classified as electives given as under:
Cardiac Care
Bariatric Care
Orthopedic Care
Spinal Care
Neuro Care
Oncology or Cancer Care
Child Conception Services - Infertility Management
Cosmetic Care

What if I do not find the medical procedure of my choice on your website?
We offer an extremely wide range of procedures. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we shall gladly assist you by providing all the information pertaining to your requested procedure. Our network of hospitals provides a wide-array of medical procedures; therefore it is very uncommon that you won't find the procedure of your choice on our website.

What kind pre-departure services can one avail in terms Medical Tourism?
Pre-departure services range from assistance on travel & accommodation, conveyance facilities, banking facilities & allied informative services.

What services are included in a typical Medical Tourism package?
We offer the finest and most complete all-inclusive packages with no hidden charges. One price includes everything ranging from pre-departure services, travel & accommodation, concierge services & allied informative services. Our dedicated account managers provide assistance in customizing the whole package based on the clients requirements.

What if my local physician is against Medical Tourism?
We suggest that you encourage your doctor to do the research. He or she shall discover that our network hospitals are among the best in the world and are better equipped and better staffed than many global hospitals. Have your doctor contact our team. Better yet, let us arrange for an informative conference call between you, your physician and your doctor here along with our team.

What is your privacy policy?
We maintain very high standards pertaining to confidentialities regarding transfer of sensitive information at all times. Your information remains private throughout the process & continues to be same even after successful closure of your case.

I am interested in outsourcing one or more processes to your organization?
You are requested to fill in an enquiry form for us to be able to understand your requirement. Our team of experts would get back to you within 24hours of your enquiry with best possible solution ensuring cost savings with optimum operational efficiency.

Is there any possibility of integrating my current business process with your processing solutions?
Integration of our solutions with your existing processes is very much possible. We offer customized solutions for all types of processes pertaining to healthcare & allied services.

What kind of services do you provide in business process outsourcing?
We provide solutions ranging from Pre-Policy Check-ups, Beneficiary Enrollment, Pre-authorization, Claim Processing & Medical Management.

What’s the process for subscription to ePHR & HRA? You are requested to fill in an enquiry form or email us on wellness@paramount.healthcare . Our team of experts would get back to you within 24hours of your enquiry.

How will my employees be able to access ePHR & HRA service?
After subscription, ePHR & HRA service will be made available to your organization with login credentials over the internet. Our account managers shall assist you & organization in successful integration of these services.

What all services are covered under Corporate Healthcare & Wellness programs?
Corporate healthcare & wellness programs are tailor made as per specific requirements of the client. It comprises of Proactive Healthcare Services and Reactive Healthcare packages for corporate organizations who conduct health check drives for their employees on timely basis.

Who should opt for Corporate Healthcare & Wellness programs?
Corporate houses, Self-funded groups & organizations all sizes can subscribe for Health & Wellness Programs.

What are the rates for Corporate Healthcare & Wellness programs?
The rates of the programs are well defined & will be informed on enquiry. One can fill in an enquiry form or email on wellness@paramount.healthcare . Our team of experts would get back to you within 24hours of enquiry.

What is the procedure to subscribe for Corporate Healthcare & Wellness programs?
You are requested to fill in an enquiry form or email us on wellness@paramount.healthcare . Our team of experts would get back to you within 24hours of enquiry.